Recent Work

UN SDSN SEAs Initiative

SDSN Greece[], SDSN Black Sea[2] and SDSN Mediterranean[3] via SDSN Europe are inviting you to participate in the co-design of the UN SDSN Sustainable Euro-Asian Seas Initiative. The IPCC 2018 Report warns that exceeding 1.5°C of

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Global urgency requires Swiss leadership

SDSN Switzerland: Switzerland’s 2030 Sustainable Development Strategy is not ambitious enough   Around 60 organisations joined us for SDSN Switzerland’s Open Forum to strengthen Switzerland’s 2030 Sustainable Development strategy on

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Launch of SDSN Europe

Following the announcement in December 2020 on the occasion of the release of the 2020 Europe Sustainable Development Report, SDSN has launched SDSN Europe to mobilize and coordinate the knowledge

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