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The SDGs and the UN Summit of the Future​

SDSN Europe provides support for a green, digital, job-based and inclusive recovery in Europe

Comprised of 19 national and regional networks of universities and knowledge institutions across the continent, SDSN Europe supports and advocates for the alignment of European policies with the SDGs and the Paris Climate Agreement. 

ARSINOE has released the first policy brief to raise awareness about the nine case studies of ARSINOE to the relevant stakeholders and its potential benefits for mitigating climate change. After a short presentation of the nine case studies, this policy brief will focus on the expected benefits in the European context.
The Europe Sustainable Development Report 2022 is the fourth edition of our independent quantitative report on the progress of the European Union, its member states and partner countries towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This year's report is a special edition in support of the upcoming EU Voluntary Review and the next United Nations' Heads of State Summit on the SDGs. To that end, this year's edition also presents 10 contributions from scientists and practitioners on ways to strengthen the EU's SDG leadership at home and internationally.
The FELD Action Tracker as a strategic initiative of the Food and Land Use Coalition (FOLU) tracks developments around food and land use, globally and in key countries. Ahead of COP27, the FELD team updated and expanded its systematic analysis of nationally determined contributions issued in the previous year. The updated analysis applied a sharp focus on what concretely NDCs provide in terms of explicit priorities, commitments and targets related to food and land use, and the extent to which they focus on action and implementation follow up in countries and across sectors. The analysis also expanded its scope from an original set of 15 NDCs in 2021, to now 24, including all G20 members, key forested, FOLU and other key countries, together representing nearly 80% of global greenhouse gas emissions.
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